Behind the blog

Hi, and welcome to my blog about creativity. My name is Mette, I’m somewhere in my 30’s and based in Aarhus, Denmark. I have always found interest and energy in art and creativity, and after working several years in the culture and arts sector, I needed a timeout to reframe my life and career. I started reading about creative thinking and creative leadership, and realized that science has learned us so much about how creativity works and how we can unfold it in our lives and professionally.  

I created the blog in 2018 to explore and communicate how creativity works, and how we as leaders, employees, and humans can help release the creative potential in ourselves and others. 

In a world changing at an enormous speed, we need a creative mindset to create generous and responsible solutions for the future. I hope you will find something here that inspires you to make space for creativity in your life. 

I base the blog on resent research and my own experience in this field. You can expect to read about; 

  • Why we need a creative mindset
  • What creativity is, and how it unfolds
  • What characterises and drives creative people
  • How we can make space for creativity to unfold in organisations as well as in our everyday life.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on any post.  Please share your thoughts and ideas.

Have a great day!

Mette Lerche